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The Livingston District Dental Society represents dental professionals in Livingston County, Michigan and the surrounding areas. Our mission is to professionally, passionately, and responsibly represent the dental profession and care for the public we serve.

opioid, e-cigarettes/vaping and marijuana

We have added a new link for your convenience with information on opioid, e-cigarettes/vaping and marijuana  use a long with many others. Together we can make a difference in the fight against drug abuse.

NIH-National Institute of Drug Abuse   https://www.drugabuse.gov

ADA Honors LDDS with Golden Apple Award

vinaadaThe American Dental Association has recognized LDDS with a 2009 Golden Apple Award for excellence in dental health promotion to the public. The award recognizes the work of LDDS’ nonprofit VINA Community Dental Center, which serves low-income Livingston County residents. More...
Treatment Planning &Overview of all on 4 cases
Nemer Hussein and Ward 
Thursday April 20 2023 6:00 PM OAK POINTE CC

Threat Assessment, De-escalation, Active Response.
Avoid threats, Delay a threat, Defend yourself.
Be aware of your surroundings, exits, behavior that seems out of place.
Are doors locked, can you block a threat from entering your space,
know where to go to escape a threat. 
Paid LDDS member free: all others $50.00
Register : wlmetz@mac.com  BY 4/12/2023   food options of Chicken, Beef,  or Vegetarian.In the workplace have a plan to Avoid, Delay, and Defend. . . . Call 911 - average response time 3 1/2 minutes in Brighton. Threat can be firearms, knives, motor vehicles, etc. 
Paid LDDS member free: all others $50.00Register : wlmetz@mac.com  BY 3/10/2023   food options of Chicken, Beef,  or Vegetarian.\
Paid LDDS member free: all others $50.****************************************************************************

September 22,2023

DR Seen Patel.  Pain Control

Washtenaw Community  College

6 hrs CE

October 11,2023

November.        2023
March.               2024



Despite Pandemic, Gold For Food Program Again A Success


2022-2023 Officers
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Treasurer :w.metz
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PEER REVIEW:Walter Goodell
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